My weather update 7.8.0

All German speaking users will not notice any change with this version. For all others: in the Hungarian translation there was no Saturday, but Sunday twice. Also, all weather links led to the German MSN page. Both will be corrected with this version.

My weather update 7.7.9

This tiny update fixes an issue with the Search Console for all French speaking users.

My weather update 7.7.8

First of all, let’s say ‚hello‘ to the Slovenian translation!

Otherwise, I have added an extension. Because there are places for which there is no current weather data. And if there is no current weather data, I don’t show the place – of course. What’s the use of week-old weather data? Nothing. Therefore now in all cases: if a place is found in the search result for which there is no current weather data, a corresponding note is displayed.

Wordclock update 2.2.3

I have fixed a problem in the English version. And I skipped version 2.2.2 just because I’m wild.

Wordclock update 2.2.1

I have fixed a bug in the word clock gadget. The German translation could not be found in the previous version.