Wordclock update 2.2.0

After a long time there is now an update for the word clock. Added an update check, Dutch translation and Telegram contakt option.

Update to My weather update 7.7.6

I am a stupid idiot and packed the wrong file in the zip folder. If any problems, please just download again. Thanks and sorry. ;)

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My weather update 7.7.6

Sometimes* the developer of the Sunrise Sunset API forgets that the security certificate must be renewed. Then I write him; then he does it; then the interface works again.

Is it a little annoying? Yes.
Is it my responsibility? No.
Is there anything I can do about it? Yes.

With this update, we bypass the certificate in case and automatically inform the developer that the security certificate has expired. Great? Yes!

*every 3 month.

My weather update 7.7.5

As I told you, in version 7.7.4 there were some problems with the search results in the settings. Many locations were found multiple times, but there was not weather data for all found locations.

This has now been fixed. Now only places are listed for which there is also weather data.

My weather update 7.7.4

We, meaning you and me, had big problems with the API, so we, meaning just me, had to change it. I know that the new API is buggy too, but we both don’t have that many alternatives. We have to live with it for now.

What’s so buggy about the new API? Glad you asked: in the settings, almost every place and city is found, even multiple times, but that doesn’t mean there is weather data for every location… Solution, for now: choose a neighboring place. It’s not pretty, I know, but we’ll have to get through that for now, and besides, the neighbor’s grass is always greener.

For example: the first two results do not provide weather data, but the fourth does.