Wordclock update 2.2.3

I have fixed a problem in the English version. And I skipped version 2.2.2 just because I’m wild.

Wordclock update 2.2.1

I have fixed a bug in the word clock gadget. The German translation could not be found in the previous version.

My weather update 7.7.7

I have also updated my weather gadget. I have corrected the Italian and Dutch translation mistakes and added the Telegram contact option.

Wordclock update 2.2.0

After a long time there is now an update for the word clock. Added an update check, Dutch translation and Telegram contakt option.

Update to My weather update 7.7.6

I am a stupid idiot and packed the wrong file in the zip folder. If any problems, please just download again. Thanks and sorry. ;)

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