My weather update 8.1.1

8.1.0 is still lost in timezones. :-/
8.1.1 no longer! :)

8.1.0 verliert sich noch immer in den Zeitzonen. :-/
8.1.1 nicht mehr! :)

My weather update 7.9.0

After the previous API no longer worked, a new one had to be integrated. This comes with some changes: Less data (sunrise/sunset, felt temperature, air pressure), but a 4 day forecast. If you notice any bugs, write me via Telegram.

Nachdem die bisherige API nicht mehr funktionierte, musste eine Neue integriert werden. Das geht mit einigen Änderungen einher: Weniger Daten (Sonnenauf-/-untergang, gefühlte Temperatur, Luftdruck), dafür eine 4 Tage-Vorhersage. Sollten dir Fehler auffallen, schreib mir per Telegram.


Currently we have a problem: the API are sometimes not responding. Let’s watch it for a moment.

Aktuell haben wir ein Problem: die API reagiert manchmal nicht. Lass uns das mal kurz beobachten.

Windows 11

Hope you had a great start to the new year! If you are using Windows 11 and have problems with the Weather Gadget, please make sure that you have installed the latest version 35 of the 8GadgetPack.

Ich hoffe, du hattest einen guten Start ins neue Jahr! Solltest du Windows 11 nutzen und Probleme mit dem Wetter Gadget haben, stelle bitte sicher, dass du vom 8GadgetPack die neueste Version 35 installiert hast.

My Weather (Version 8.1.8)

The gadget works directly for Windows Vista and Windows 7. For Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 you need an additional program in advance, which you can download here for free::

The “My Weather” gadget shows you the weather in your city, or a city of your choice. The gadget has 15 different designs, light and dark font colors, a large and a small view and can display temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit.


The miniature view shows the current temperature, the current weather situation in a suitable graphic, as well as the minimum and maximum daily temperature.

In the large view there is the weather situation again in words, the wind strength, wind direction, sunrise/sunset and a weather forecast for four days.


The gadget is available in the languages chinese, czech, danish, dutch, finnish, hungarian, france, german, italian, japanese, korean, polish, portuguese, romanian, russian, slovenian, spanish, turkish, ukrainian or – for everyone else – english.

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Do you use Windows 7 with a larger text setting?
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All versions you can download here.
But: I don’t give support for older versions. What doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.